Asus’s New Blazing Fast Gamer Phone Is Now Even More Extreme

This new ROG Phone 5s is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888+ and has even more RGB than before.

Image: Asus

It’s amazing how Asus just announced the next generation ROG Phone 5 that’s even faster and more extreme than its predecessor only five months after it’s release. Simply put, the new ROG Phone 5 will be one of the fastest and most powerful phones you can get right now.

It comes in a base model and a slightly more expensive “Pro” variant, but features a few new features: an even faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ chip, an even faster 360Hz touch sampling rate, and a new color OLED display on the back.

This might not seem like much, but it is quite interesting that the ROG Phone 5s will be the first phone in the world to use the Snapdragon 888+ processor-something Qualcomm’s own Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders does not (even though it is built by Asus).

With the SD888+’s slightly higher clock speeds and 360Hz touch sample rate (up from 300Hz on the previous model), gamers should enjoy a more responsive touch experience, which is nice if you are really trying to squeeze out every last bit of performance.

Asus’ new phone has a price starting at just under 30,000 New Taiwan Dollars (about $1,075) for the base ROG Phone 5s and reaching up to 37,990 NTD (about $1,365) for the ROG Phone 5s Pro, Asus’s new for sure ain’t a cheap one. It’s not hard to see where all that money goes when even the base model offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and the top-spec model has 18GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. (Although the benefits of having that much RAM in a cellphone are still up for debate.)

What may be the most exciting feature of the ROG Phone 5s Pro is its rear-mounted OLED display, which features six preconfigured animations for various scenarios such as signaling an incoming call, launching a game, or simply plugging in an accessory. Is that a bit much? It’s true, but on a device like this the rear screen seems to be the perfect fit. And it’s always possible to create your own animations if you’re not happy with Asus’ pre-installed ones.

Other specs have not changed, including the ROG Phone 5s’ 6,000 mAh battery, large 6.73-inch displays, triple rear cameras (64MP main, 13MP ultra-wide, and 5-MP macro), onboard DAC, and dual USB-C ports. It is worth noting that ASUS did not change the previous model’s built-in touch buttons either, so you can still game with precision without the use of an external gamepad.

There is also a fan add-on that Asus makes to help cool the ROG Phone 5s’ back panel, if you are concerned about thermal throttling.
Image: Asus

Unfortunately, Because of the ROG Phone 5s’ rear screen placement, it isn’t possible to add wireless charging. As a result, you must still rely on the phone’s relatively fast 65-watt wired charging.

The biggest disappointment is that although the ROG Phone 5s will be available in Asus’ home territory of Taiwan, there are no official plans to sell the ROG Phones 5s overseas as of this time. Therefore, if you want to get the new fastest Android smartphone on the planet, you will likely have to purchase one from a third-party importer.

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